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Dojo Etiquette

  1. Bow to the center of the mat when you enter.
  2. Bow to the center of the mat when you exit.
  3. Keep a respectful posture on the dojo.
  4. Classes begin with a formal bow to the instructor with students lining up in descending grade order.
  5. Classes end with a formal bow to the instructor and then to the picture of Carlos Gracie Senior.
  6. During class, when the instructor is demonstrating techniques, every student will sit in seize.
  7. For safety reasons if you are late sit in seize by the side of the mat and wait for permission from the Professor or Instructor to join the class.
  8. For safety reasons if you need to leave the mat or leave earlier you will ask permission from the Professor or Instructor.
  9. Bow to your partner before and after practice.
  10. Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject.
  11. Please absolutely no foul language inside the dojo.
  12. Please no belching inside the dojo.
  13. Please keep finger and toe nails short for everyone’s safety.
  14. All students will wear the official Gracie Barra uniform. The uniform pants and top will be the same color.
  15. All students will wear a t-shirt or rash guard underneath the Kimono.
  16. The Kimono will be clean and odor free; a dirty Kimono is a sign of disrespect to yourself, your partner and your dojo.
  17. The Kimono will be worn at all times.
  18. When tying the Kimono, please face the wall.
  19. The belt is represents your progress, please keep it on.
  20. Brown-Belt instructors are referred to as “Instructor or Sensei” Black-Belt instructors as “Professor” and to Carlos Gracie Jr. as “Master”.
  21. All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, necklaces or other such items should be removed before training.
  22. Please no shoes, food or drink on the mat.
  23. Please refrain from using cell phones in the dojo area.
  24. If you are observing or waiting to train, please be quiet and respectful of the class in session.
  25. Please do not offer unsolicited instruction, particularly to students of higher rank.

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