Gracie Barra Corona Kids Marital Arts – Watch our BJJ Kids Drilling to Win!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Check out the videos below to view our kids drilling during their weekly competition training class.

Transition Drill

Knee on Belly Drill

Gracie Barra Corona & Riverside Represented at PanAms 2015

On March 12th-15th, Jiu Jitsu students from all over the world came to compete in Irvine, CA at the Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championship. Although this is one of the toughest tournaments of the year, with the biggest brackets to fight through on your way to the top, we had a great representation of our schools. Each of our students went out and fought well and we are very proud of their accomplishments.


Gracie Barra Corona at the GBCompnet- BJJ Kids in Competition!

18 of our Little Champions competed, and 12 made it to the podium! We are so proud of all of our students and the hard work that they put in to prepare for this event. Next up is the Dream tournament!


Inspiring Reflections on Women’s Wrestling Week from a True Leader – Olympian Marcie Van Dusen

These days, we are quite focused on womens involvement in wrestling at
Gracie Barra Corona. We are overcoming the same basic obstacles in attempting to bring more women to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu that occur in the wrestling rooms and witnessing the same changes in thought and practice that happen there.

It is encouraging to see the recognition of women in these male dominated sports and to share in the reflections of how far women have come in developing respect and admiration for their tenacity and talent.

Marcie Van Dusen has been instrumental in the development of our daughters wrestling career. As one of those early California bjj girls hoping to compete in any and every available kids tournament, Kendall struggled with the availability of fellow competitors, especially in her teens. In those years, there were so few girls competing and it was often hard to find a single teen boy to contest with! Like many girls in recent years, Kendall started competing with the women at a very young age, and of course we have seen that population of women multiply exponentially too in the last 5 years. It is amazing!

When she reached high school, Kendall heard about the wrestling team and from that day on there was no turning back. With the Olympics as a possible future goal, a huge challenge to bring honor to the female athlete in the male dominated wrestling room, and coaches and leaders like Marcie around, our little bjj girl could not have been more equipped with a goal.

I knew Marcie was a gifted athlete, coach and leader, but what I did not know, is the gift she has as a writer. How nice to read in to the past and re-experience her childhood memories of being a serious athlete, inspired by the women who came before her. These experiences are so important for our little girls. All it takes is one to get it started and soon, more opportunity develops.

We are truly in the midst of a changing landscape in athletics for women. All of the initial barriers holding the last frontier of combat sports unavailable to women have been broken and as it was said, the girls/women are not going away. Once women find out there is something fun that builds enormous confidence – and they may have been missing it – look out! Wrestling and bjj are two of the fastest growing activities for women where we can measure a huge growth pattern.
It is all simply the unpacking of the details now.

Olympian Marcie Van Dusen thoughts on Women’s Wrestling