2011 New Schedule

gb-calender-final-12-31-10.jpgGracie Barra CoronaSchedule Change – The Highlights As we enter the New Year we have some exciting additions. There are more to come, but for now, here are the highlights.2011 Launch of our ZOO-JITSU program for kids!!! Introducing the long awaited addition of our new LITTLE MUNCHKINS BJJ KIDS (Ages 3-5). Every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-4:15PM you will find these little guys soaking up some fun on the mat as they play and learn. They may teach us a thing or two – don’t miss the fun and excitement. Wednesday 4:15-5:15PM is our FIRST EVER, NO-GI Kids Class, for ages 8-12! Grab your shorts and rashguards and get ready to roll. MONDAY NIGHT CHANGES  Due to multiple requests,  Advanced BJJ Class will now be at 6:15-7:15PM and the Sparring Session will be from 6:45-7:15PM. BJJ Fundamentals will be at 7:45-8:45PM.MUAY THAI – We are pleased to announce a new Monday class from 5:15-6:15PM. This new class is for all Beginners with < 3mos of experience and all Muay Thai Kids! MUAY THAI KIDS program is in full swing. Kids, ages 9&up classes are now available Mon 5:15PM, Wed 7:15PM, Fri 8:30PM and Sun 10:00AM. Please check with us if you would like your children to participate. MUAY THAI kids can also practice in Riverside on Tu & Thurs afternoon (see us for more details)YOGA RETURNS – join us on Thurs from 10:30-11:30AM to stretch and breath. Coming Soon (February):    Morning BJJ Classes  &  Additional Judo ClassesThank you so much to all of our students and families, instructors and helpers. You have all brought such camaraderie to the school and it has truly been a wonderful year. Please write us with reflections, comments and concerns. We are always interested in your experience and ways to improve. 


Gracie Barra Womens Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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