Christmas Special Make Training a Priority for You and Your Loved Ones in 2011

Make Training a Priority for You and Your Loved Ones in 2011.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the best way to get in shape, have fun and learn practical self defense with family and friends!





At the GB Compnet 7 on November 6th, following a ceremony for the first Official Gracie Barra Instructors Certifications, Professor Nelson Monteiro(5th Degree GB Black Belt) presented Tom Reusing with his Gracie Barra Black Belt from Master Carlos Gracie, Jr. who was in Brazil with his family.

Congratulations were numerous as nearly 100 competitors and spectators were there from GB Corona alone! Many of these came to the event with only a few hours notice of the promotion. This moment represented  the work of a goal that was born over 15 years ago and began with a move across the country. 

Professor Reusing told the crowd, “What I have learned and what I can say for sure is that it is all in the journey.” He spoke about staying true to your goals when you become discouraged and to believe that you can become a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 
It was an exciting day all around, to be remembered fondly by friends, teammates and family. There was a great deal of fun to be had, celebration, and tough competition all day long. 


Perhaps the most touching surprise was that Tom’s dear friend, Marc Eccard, was present for the event. Marc was one of the first accomplished American BJJ players in the 1990’s and the first Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Prof. Tom had under Rickson Gracie in 1995, prior to GB’s established schools in the US.  Marc Eccard was a legendary figure in those days and is still revered by BJJ pioneers in the US like Carlos Valente, the Machado’s, and Erik Paulson.  Kim Gracie remembers that “Marc was the toughest there was in those days”. Tom was very fortunate to train with Marc in his early years and has had amazing teachers since that time, including the legendary Alan Goes, and since 2003, Ricardo Guimaraes, who developed one of the earliest successful BJJ kids programs in the US.

Ricardo Guimaraes – kids class 2003

It was an amazing day for many reasons and a great many people were responsible for putting together this event. Many thanks go out to Professor Marcio Feitosa, Professor Nelson Monteiro, and Professor Flavio Almeida and the GB Compnet team, and ultimately to the patriarchal leadership of Master Carlos Gracie, Jr.

Please go here to see almost 500 photos of this special day:


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Gracie Barra Milestone – First Official Instructors Certification by Holly McClung Reusing

gb-instructor-cert.jpg On November 6, 2010, Gracie Barra experienced a milestone.During the Compnet GB 7 SoCal Interschool event at Irvine Valley College, over 40 Gracie Barra representatives (mostly black belts) were presented with certificates marking the first official Instructors Certification for the global organization. Marcio Feitosa acknowledged all the instructors present and proudly announced, “We have had instructors certifications in our schools, but this is the first official Gracie Barra Certification we have ever had.”He thanked the instructors for taking the time from their busy schedules to attend all the classes, study the material, and congratulated them on passing the testing requirements. There was a mat full of smiles and a sense of achievement was shared among this first group.The ceremony took place halfway through the family oriented tournament which was another great success put on by the GB Compnet team. Their efforts were apparent from the enthusiasm and laughter heard throughout the day. Many athletes participated in their first tournament that day and came home with a good experience, regardless of the results.Chris Scullion had two of his sons compete and with a huge smile, he relayed, “Oh they had a blast. They didn’t win their matches but fought really hard and they loved it. They can’t wait to do it again and want to know when the next one is.” This level of enthusiasm is priceless and the very attitude being cultivated in our schools and communities. There were many other seasoned blue and purple belts that came out to test and tune up their competition skills. Many were able to claim a new GB Interschool title or pass one on to their fellows.A fun time was had by all. Go here to see almost 500 photos of this special day: