The Warrior Archetype

"Martial arts offers a unique way of being,  an opportunity to experience the psyche (body and mind) in the natural world. In life and in martial arts it is imperative that we are not over-confident of our own ability. We strive not to underestimate the abilities of others and to be mindful of everyone's successes.Fighting is an art which needs frequent and well rounded training and practice. The definition of a warrior continues to morph and mutate across historical eras. Our concepts  are based heavily on cultural heritage and social experience. We are all embedded in preconceived ideas. Ancient traditions that have stood the test of time tell us that a real warrior will not bully or intimidate - even when provoked. He restrains from fearful retaliation which would ultimately damage his personal reputation and that of his family, teachers, and community. A true warrior demonstrates bravery and sacrifice when required; thereby strengthening his honor - and that of his community. Perhaps most important of all - the true warrior aims to create unity and strives to make himself a useful member of his community, thereby serving the collective goals of peace. He navigates dark and negative elements; he does not create or foster them. Training teaches him how to neutralize and metabolize these elements in himself and to assist others. The warrior learns to do this through using a wide range of forceful as well as passive tactics. His physical feats are a metaphor for such abilities; a visible display of strength and technique in the face of uncertain outcome. The warrior is born with a predisposition to this type of performance and will spend a lifetime dedicated to it's development. Though he will reach plateaus in his training and achievements - winning many battles - it is the lost battles  and subsequent schooling that lead to deeper layers of success in the warriors lifetime. He will occasionally rest but he will never retire.  What happens when we contemplate the current explosion of interest in BJJ and MMA. What purposes might be underlying the development of popularity of martial arts, brazilian jiu jitsu and mma. In what ways will it serve the individual, the community and the world psyche as a whole"

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Thanksgiving Week Schedule

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