Expressing Condolences to Ricardo Guimaraes and Family

To Our Dear Friends Ricardo & Suzanne Guimaraes at Gracie Barra Temecula,

We express our sympathy for the death of Ricardo’s father, Joao Arnaldo Vieira Guimaraes, 1932-2007.


Dear students and families,

We wish you all a happy 2008 and are focused on new beginnings, commitments and training hard! We are back on our regular schedule, looking forward to an exciting year of jiu jitsu. During 2008 we will be growing quickly, getting to know the wonderful students and their families who train with us. It will be exciting to be taking some of our students into competition and support the journey into competitive sport jiu jitsu. Remember to train for mind, body, and spirit always looking toward personal and social balance. We learn responsible ways of being through our training in jiu jitsu that provide unparalleled experience for living. It is an honor to provide a place where this learning can take place.