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Youth Competition Judo Program


Judo was founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigaro Kano and is a popular Japanese martial art that emphasizes throwing and grappling skills. It is a safe and fun way to exercise, build self confidence and learn a unique sport with self defense applications. Judo has been an official Olympic sport since 1964. The word Judo is actually comprised of two words, Ju, meaning gentle and Do, meaning way. This relates to the ability to yield to an attacker's energy so that his own force can be used against him. Judo techniques involve using the arms, hips, or legs to throw an opponent to the ground, where holds, strangles, and joint locks are applied to achieve a submission.


Workouts and general skill development are divided into two distinct categories, tachi waza (standing techniques) and ne waza (ground techniques). Class begins with a vigorous warm up, stretching, and falling exercises. This is followed by ground fighting drills and throwing technique practice with a partner. The final portion of class is set aside for randori (free practice) in which students are paired off to spar each other for timed rounds with short breaks in between. A unique side of Judo is that it is mandatory to work with a partner. This helps develop the skill of understanding how to manipulate your opponents balance to achieve a dominant position.

Science of Judo:

As your career in judo unfolds, you will begin to recognize the scientific aspects of judo and how it all relates to movement in whatever physical activity you're involved. Top athletes in any competitive physical sport all realize, that to maximize their potential they must use the whole of their body and mind in unison correctly. This generally relates to power from the hips and legs being the basic tools of efficient motion, with your mind releasing the energy necessary to explode into victory. Power and technique don't come from big tensed muscles, but rather relaxed, flexible bodies and calm minds. This is not to say muscle has no place, but rather if muscle competes against technique, technique generally prevails.


While not mandatory, it is always recommended that Judo students test their skills in shiai (Judo tournaments). There are many regional tournaments in Southern California that offer many opportunity for students who wish to compete.


What makes judo an ideal form of self-defense is that it works off of a natural human reaction to grab hold of someone when attacking or defending. Even highly skilled boxers, when they start getting into trouble go into a clinch and have to be physically separated by a referee. Judo students learn exactly where to grab in order to obtain the best leverage to control and defeat an attacker. Grappling skills are extremely effective for women and children because when they are attacked it is often by someone trying to pull them into a car or other small space.

Los Angeles Police Department statistics indicate 80% of street fights usually end up on the ground where punching and kicking are of little use. It has been consistently proven in the mixed martial arts and other combat sports that a highly skilled grappler has a higher rate of success than those without grappling skills.


Gracie Barra Corona is home to Kohaku Judo Academy where we host a thriving youth and adult competitive program. You will receive high level instruction from United States Judo Association (USJA) certified black belt instructors. These instructors are dedicated to passing on the art and techniques of Judo. Whether you want to train in Judo for self-defense or for competition, you will have a great time and learn some awesome techniques.



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