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History of Carlos Gracie Jr.

Carlos Gracie Jr I am Carlos Gracie Jr., the founder of the Gracie Barra academy, located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I want to share a few words about the early days of the school and how it was created. The history of Gracie Barra is directly related to my life, and as a result, the story of the school is also the story of my life, both past, present, and future.

The principal goal of my family of athletes and fighters, lead by my father Carlos Gracie, has always been to spread jiu jitsu, and to share the art which brings enormous benefits to one's life. My father was a naturalist and a very spiritual person, who had a great desire to pass on his knowledge to others, so that they could receive the benefits of jiu jitsu as well. Growing up in this environment, I learned the art of jiu jitsu is actually a method through which one strives for self-perfection.

My father's original academy was in the center of Rio de Janeiro, lead by my uncle Helio Gracie. It was there that I began my studies in jiu jitsu, becoming an instructor there, and finally, a professor. During this time, I worked alongside my brother Rolls and my cousin Rorion Gracie, who were also professors there.

Eventually, Rorion decided to live in the United States, and Rolls established a school in Copacabana together with my other older brother, Carlson Gracie. Thus, I was called upon to assume the responsibilities of running the academy together with my cousin Rickson. I was there for approximately two years, but during this time I went to study nutrition at a University and was living in Copacabana. During this time, I decided to work with Rolls. In the meantime, Carlson and Rolls had separated their schools but were still located in the same building, with the students training with either teacher on alternating days.

After working together for seven years, Rolls passed away in a hang-gliding accident. All of the students reunited and together with Rolls' wife, asked me to assume the responsibility of continuing the path that my brother Rolls began. We stayed in Copacabana for another four years, after which I decided to move to Barra da Tijuca, a promising newer neighborhood in the western part of the city which was growing. It was here that we became known as the "Gracies of Barra," and eventually, as we are called, simply, "Gracie Barra."

The first seeds of Gracie Barra were planted inside a small house almost twenty years ago. The first school had approximately 20 students, and grew to almost 200 hundred after just one year. We then moved the school to larger space inside of a gym, where we are still located today. Since establishing the school, we have consistently produced jiu jitsu instructors with high qualifications, as well as distinguishing ourselves in international competitions in Brazil and around the world. Today, Gracie Barra has the biggest jiu jitsu teams in the world.

Still, I feel very proud that my life's work has been to create an institution which is not focused just on building athletes or professors, but instead, in helping to build one's character.

Repeating the words which my father told me:

". . . each person who puts on the kimono and believes in jiu jitsu that myself and my family teaches is the realization of my life's work." - Carlos Gracie (1902-1994)

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