Organized like a team, fighting like a family!


"My son was a pushover at school and didn't have any confidence. Kids pester him and push him around. Because of jiu-jitsu, all that has changed. I told him to try and avoid fights but when they wouldn't leave him alone, he finally did a foot sweep on one of the boys (3x). After that, it was over. The bullies retreated and I think now they are actually becoming friends."

"Thank you once again for the opportunity to work with your class. The environment you have created is exactly what I have been looking for. If you are willing both of my kids would like to join your team. Kyle has told me he wants to go to the school EVERY time it opens."

"Great environment...good Good pace for any level of learners. I go as often as i can whenever i can. I would highly recommend Gracie Barra Corona to anyone interested in self defence or just a good workout."


"Because we are family. Many of us will stick around for one, sometimes two hours after class just talking. We emphasize technique above raw strength. We do our best to carry on the dream of Master Carlos, and the ideals that go along with training the gentle art."


"I'm coming up on 40 years of age and have finally discovered a program that allows me to push my athletic potential to my limits and beyond. Gracie Barra Corona's Instructors and staff are highly proficient in the art and have continually proven to effectively instruct students at all levels. I am proud to be a part of the organization that has continued to expand my skill set and improve my health at the same time."


"Great family environment and a great workout. My health has improved dramatically since I started training. My confidence, my health and lifestyle has all changed for the better since I have started."


"My son and I have trained there for almost a year now and Tom Reusing is the best instructor I have ever trained under. My son is 10 years old and Tom's kids classes are well rounded. He not only teaches them the best form of self defence while instilling discipline, but he does it with compassion and zeal."


"I would recommend Gracie Barra because it has a great atmosphere. The instructors genuinely want people to succeed. They offer classes in different disciplines and convenient times."


"Great instructors. Quality recreation for kids."


"A refreshing outlet from everyday life, that's not only healthy but enjoyable. With good people and good instructors, it is hard to find a better martial arts environment."